• I feel like Harry would be the type of boyfriend that would write songs about you all the time and he'd pretend they weren't about you and if you asked who they were about he'd joke and say his mum. And I bet he'd purposely tell really bad jokes just because they make you cringe and when you'd tell him to stop he'd start screaming his jokes really loudly in public and that fucking cheeky grin would replace his smile. And I bet he'd make sure you'd be at the airport when he comes home from tour so he can dramatically run through the airport and pick you up and spin you around.
  • But then again, maybe he doesn't do these things. Maybe he's nowhere close to that kind of person.
  • But I guess I'll never know. Only one girl probably ever will. And it won't be me, or you. We'll just have to hope that girl cherishes him.

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