my favorite thing is when one direction surprised some fans and when harry asked what music they had been listening to the girl replied taylor swift and they all just sorta








the fact that harry nearly killed himself and taylor and nobody ever heard about it until now…

Swift won’t say much about her relationship with Styles, other than that they’re now friends. But talking to her, it seems clear that many of the songs on 1989 that are about a guy are about him. There’s “I Wish You Would,” about an ex who bought a house two blocks from hers (whom she implies was Styles). And “All You Had to Do Was Stay,” about a guy who was never willing to commit (ditto). Then there’s the song that sets a new high-water mark for Swiftian faux secrecy – a sexy Miami Vice-sounding throwback about a guy with slicked-back hair and a white T-shirt and a girl in a tight little skirt that is called – no joke – “Style.” (She allows herself a satisfied grin. “We should have just called it I’m Not Even Sorry.”)
The Rolling Stones on Haylor and a few songs on Taylor’s new album, 1989 (via officialtaylornation)
Crawling Back to You (series)

                            Leave before the Lights Come On 

I wawed my family as I stepped into a bus that drove off in a magical, rainy London.  I rented a really cute studio apartement there. I would’ve gone to campus, but since it was my friend’s , she gave it for a much cheaper price.

So here I am, in my new apartment, in a big city. I finally unpacked everything, hoping I would find some new friends soon, and suddenly feeling exhausted. It’s so much colder that I thought it would be, so I tuck myself in and turn my night light on.

*A year later*

"I don’t know if I’ll make it, Nicole" I said through phone.

"What? You have to come, you promised!" she yells at me, not really angry but determined enough.

"I know, I just have so many things to catch up on", I sighted. It was a birthday party of friends of mine. Can I call him a friend, more like acquaintance. And I wasn’t really pleased with idea of going, but then, I promised. It won’t kill me if I go and have a little fun, after a hard week at uni, yeah?

"You don’t need to be sorry because you’re going, end of story! Now get your sexy ass ready, I’ll get in 30", she laughed.

"Okay, mom", I joked.

I took a quick shower, curled my dirty blonde hair loose. That’s a color type, silly, I know. Put an eyeliner, I like it thin with a small wing at the end. My mascara and a little bit of red lipstick followed, and my make up was done. I went through my closed, and after several minutes of tough decision, I decieded on small, black ruched dress from Forever 21. It covers half of my thigh, and fits my body perfectly, but it feels strange. I’m more of a jeans/trousers person. As I put a perfume, I hear a knock.

"Come in!" I call, putting my phone into a purse.

"Let’s go, we’re late already", she smirks.

"What?" I ask.

"You look hot!" she says, smiling at me. It’s my turn to smirk at her.

Nicole is my best friend here. I met her after a week being in London, she goes at the same uni as me. With a darker skin color and a black curly hair, she looks like the total opposite of me. Me, with ivory skin and blonde hair look so pale compared to her. I regretted not putting bronzer.

I had a few shots of votka, and stayed more than I planned. Just when I put my thoughts together and deciede it’s best for me to go home, my grey eyes meet with a green ones. And suddenly, I can’t breathe, I can’t blink. Everything pushes me to those eyes. Like I’m Earth and he is Sun. And I don’t know if it’s votka, probably yes, but I have so much confidence once I’m near him.

"Hi" mischievous smile appear on his beautiful face.

"Hi" I say, mirroring him.

"I’m Harry, and you are.." he simply say, with his mischievous smile still on his face.

"Sarah" I answerd as waiter gave me a new glass of a clear liquid.

That night, we laughed till our stomachs hurt, we danced till our legs became sore, we talked till we lost words into each others eyes.  He told me I was beautiful, with his hand on my thigh, and I wanted to dim a light in his eyes, while locking our lips. And I saw a spark in him. That made me more satisfied and awake than I would admit to myself.

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"I sometimes worry that she might want to go and find a boyfriend who’s there every day. Obviously it’s not easy having a long-term relationship in this job, but it frustrates me when people say it’s impossible. It’s definitely doable, it’s down to the people and whether they want to make it work enough… Not many days go by before I really start missing her.” 


The inflatable banana incident


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